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Our Kitchen is not allergy free. We use wheat, eggs, and dairy products

Ingredients: Features

Locally Sourced

We try to use as many local ingredients as we can.

Riverside Farm pastured eggs, Sulphur, KY, Louismill organic freshly milled bread flour, Louisville, KY, Snowville creamery whole milk Pomeroy, OH, JD Country Milk Buttermilk, Russellville, KY


Our goal is to use as many organic ingredients as possible

Organic King Aurthur bread flour, Louismill organic bread flour Whole Foods organic AP flour, Whole Foods organic butter, Kirkland frozen blueberries, Simply Organic spices, Sun-Maid organic raisins, Thrive market organic chocolate chips, Whole Foods organic powdered cane sugar and brown sugar, Kirkland organic cane sugar, Chosen Foods organic avocado oil, Trader Joe's organic coconut oil,  Sweet-Cal Organic Farms carrots, Wholesome Organics molasses, organic Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans


All of our other ingredients are as natural as possible

All of our water is filtered through a Berkey water filter with charcoal and flouride filters, San Francisco salt co. sea salt

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